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On this day Jeet Kune Do martial arts was invented by Bruce Lee

On this day Jeet Kune Do martial arts was invented by Bruce Lee

On this day in 1967 Bruce Lee founded a school for a hybrid martial art called Jeet Kune Do. It is the only non-classical Gung Fu system in existence today, a savage blend of Wing Chung Kung Fu, American Boxing, French Fencing and Grappling.


Away with formalities

This intention of this blend of techniques and non-traditional practices is to bring the art of combat to life. Students do not wear uniforms, even keep there shoes on, in order to simulate real-world scenarios to better equip them with applicable techniques. Despite this, respect forms a crucial element in all Jeet Kune Do teachings and practices.


American Boxing

Bruce Lee admired the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. Using some of his teachings, Lee incorporated American Boxing techniques to make the punches more devastating.


French Fencing

Jeet Kune Do incorporates the footwork found in the techniques of French Fencing for increased mobility. These fundamentals form the basic stances for efficient striking and blocking.


Two versions

There are two versions of Jeet Kune Do, original JKD and JKD concepts. One is no better than the other. Original JKD is the method Bruce Lee designed and taught, concepts incorporates many other forms of martial arts.


Can I join

Of course! Jeet Kune Do is very much alive with distanced learning in place to keep students sharp. They also have DVD’s, manuals and online information on there official website


Who teaches these classes

American schools and all official DVD videos are performed by licensed Jeet Kune Do instructors. They keep the original and concept teachings of the legend Bruce Lee alive, much like our skilled artists preserve his memory and iconic moments in film upon our Sidney Maurer original portrait designs.


Keeping the legend alive

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