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Get a Lock of Marilyn Monroes Hair!

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A 60-year-old clipping of Marilyn Monroe's hair is up for grabs, and as an added bonus ... it comes with a sexy glamour shot of the blonde bombshell.

The lock of hair -- approximately 35 strands worth -- is from the collection of Kenneth Battelle, who served as the icon's hairdresser from 1958 until her death in 1962.

Monroe's mane comes in a specially designed glass frame, along with a framed photo of her. It's all presented in a flat paper box with Battelle's customized calling card under the lid ... which he dated June 14, 1959.

We're told the hairdresser had several of these pieces featuring Marilyn's hair made as gifts for his closest friends.

This one in particular, though, can be yours -- if you got the dough. The "Some Like It Hot" star's hair is available at Moments In Time for $16,500 ... get it while it's hot.

Thanks and full credit to TMZ for this article

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