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On this day Sean Connery was knighted in 2000

On this day Sean Connery was knighted in 2000

On this day (January 5th 2000) Sean Connery was finally knighted in Edinburgh by Queen Elizabeth II, two years after allegedly being denied knighthood for his passion for Scottish nationalism. Dressed in traditional dark-green MacLeod tartan, “Sir Sean” left Holyrood Palace as proud of his heritage as ever.


Pro Independence 

Twenty years later, the allegation that Sean’s knighthood is largely accepted as the truth. According to Sean Connery’s website:


“While it is generally accepted that his support of Scotland’s independence and the Scottish National Party delayed his knighthood for many years, his commitment to Scotland has never wavered.”



We must consider what possible gain anyone could achieve by starting a rumour such as this. Sean has been highly political for years with a centre-left outlook who heavily campaign for Scottish Independence. According to Wikipedia, the veto for his knighthood was largely attributed to a Scottish Labour Party politician called Donald Dewar, the inaugural First Minister of Scotland and advocate of Scottish devolution. The devolution referendum in September 1997 could have something to do with this decision having been held only two months ahead of the proposed knighting.



Some of the individuals who were suspected to have vetoed Sean’s knighthood were still in office in 2000, so what changed? His political views were just as applicable and controversial as they were in 1997 and 1998. One can only conclude that the story is just a rumour, they really didn’t care all too much about stopping his knighthood (but why stop it in the first place) or this act would provide some kind of publicity for their campaign. Answers on a postcard, please.


Why Sean Connery was Knighted

While we, and you equally intrigued readers attempt to find out the truth, let us take a moment to consider why Sean was knighted in the first place. Anyone who has followed his professional career has seen his charity fundraising, donating his entire salary from Diamonds are Forever to the Scottish International Educational Trust which he co-founded. What some don’t know is Sean Connery’s past and humble upbringing. Thankfully Sir Sean Connery has his own website complete with biography, filmography and some interesting insights into both his and his wife Micheline Roquebrune Connery including an intriguing portfolio of her artwork.

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